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Fingal table

Fingal table

Solid black walnut.

Superior quality veneer 5 mm.

One-piece Quebec aluminium base.

Baked paint, Italian lacquer, mat luster.


A harmonious fusion of opposites, the FINGAL table stands out for its capacity to visually balance its opposing elements. Admired for its nobility, richness in colour, and stability; the solid walnut and 5 mm walnut veneer are hand selected and arranged to highlight the contrasting light and dark natural colours and intricate grain of the wood. The surface finish consists of a soothing Italian lacquer with a mat luster and complements the lustrous bright yellow baked-paint finish of the aluminium. The warmth of the wood and the vibrancy of the metal are at once, visually soothing and reviving. The Quebec aluminium base is a solid piece from locally sourced metal. The breadth of the table suggests ample space and an invitation for gathering, yet the cool, refined lines of the aluminium base speak of delicacy and finesse. The subtlety of the empty spaces enhances the experience of the environment it occupies. At once, strong and delicate in its form, the soothing natural wood and clean vibrant yellow results in an elegant, funky and functional experience.


* Price subject to change as per choice of materials

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