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About us

We take the time to offer you exceptional furniture. By combining quality raw
materials, rigor, and inspiration, we ensure the design and fabrication of unique
models that will add warmth and comfort to your space. We pride ourselves on
refining each element from the original sketch to the final finished details, be it
the design, woodwork, metal or upholstery. Our furniture is entirely designed and
manufactured in Bromont.

At Higgs, we design and manufacture high quality furniture. We offer our
customers unique and contemporary products entirely made in our showroom
workshop in Bromont. We choose to work exclusively from durable, premium
quality materials. We are proud to offer responsible products of distinctive

We value functionality, durability, quality. Whether the design, the woodwork, the
metal or the upholstery we seek to create balanced shapes with carefully chosen
Furnish your spaces with our unique creations, designed with finesse and

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